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— 协助Digital BD Director开展数字音乐版权业务运营

— 负责开拓新的版权合作客户,并维护现有DSP平台合作运营

— 负责数字音乐版权商务沟通,合约签署以及结算

— 敏锐洞察行业动向,能够提出专业建议

— Digital部门内部协作以及跨部门沟通


— 熟悉数字音乐行业及版权业务,有相关行业经验5年以上

— 拥有行业客户资源及专业判断力

— 沟通能力强,能够独立完成合约流程

— 具团队精神,协同完成部门内相关工作

— 熟练掌握Office以及其他办公软件

— 具备英文读写能力,有一定口语能力

Job Descriptions:

— Develop creative, innovative and impactful marketing campaigns across a multitude of priority rosters/projects on social media or on –ground and break international music and artists in local market to expand in their popularity and streaming units.

— Work with our labels to ensure marketing plans are relevant, project needs are met and projects executed as well as sharing best practice strategies and insights.

— Directly liaise with repertoire owners, artist management and estates on a regular basis to communicate opportunities, plans and expectations.

— Create marketing P&L and pre-project budgets.

— Collect and work with data to boost various market campaigns to drive streams sharply

— Partner with digital teams to increase catalogues target leading up to new releases and between new album cycles and single drops.

— Provide thorough plan and mobilize multiple media and promoter resources to ensure the successful delivery of artists’ concert in China.

Job Requirements:

— Acquainted with all streaming and social platforms, followers and customer behaviors.

— 5-8 years of experience in digital marketing role or entertainment related business in internet /agency companies, passionate music fan and understanding of international music.

— Acquainted with all streaming and social platforms, followers and customer behaviors.

— Fluent English speaking and writing skills.

— Bachelor Degree qualified or equivalent experience.

— Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or Keynote

Must be curious and adaptable and accepting of abrupt change and unforeseen challenges.


— 负责音乐产品及艺人企划

— 音乐产品概念视觉及文字包装

— 产品概念阐述及延展

— 平面视觉统筹(摄影、设计等)

— 视频物料统筹(MV制作)

— 文案撰写

— 有序推进项目管理,保证作品质量、发片进度及配合企划进度

— 维护艺人、客户和公司的关系

— 与A&R 市场、品牌商务、商务拓展等部门协作 ,完成各类型艺人音乐内容的合作项目


— 具备行业的制作和企划资源, 优秀的审美能力

— 至少1-3年相关工作经验,有文娱产业市场背景和经验

— 良好的团队协作能力及内外部沟通能力

— 扎实的写作功底

— 熟练运营Photoshop、Illustrator、InDesign等设计软件,以及Microsoft Office软件